The Bulk Logistics Revolution

What is Megabag?

MegaBag is a dry bulk logistics solution that aims to be the new standard in the industry. Joining attributes that today no other format has in a single product, such as large-scale handling, flexibility, traceability and multimodality.

Main Attributes


Megabag is transportable and efficiently transferable between truck, train and ship, keeping the product confined throughout the cycle.


Its large cargo volume reduces setup times, and reduces the movements of cargo and people.


It is reusable multiple times, reducing waste and being flexible, it reduces costs in return logistics.


It's traceable throughout both the product's logistics chain and the lifetime of the bag, increasing control and allowing data and performance management to be carried out.


It allows to gradually scale operations without oversizing or making large investments.


It allows to densify the storage up to 4 levels, and avoid the construction of silos or warehouses that require permits and long execution times.

The transformation of bulk logistics

MegaBag is the friendliest alternative to the environment, both in the transport, handling and storage of large bulk.

Among its main attributes are:
– Reduction of up to 86% in the consumption of plastic in the manufacture of single-use packaging (BigBags)
– Reduction of return freight of up to 50% in the case of flatbed trucks, silo trucks and dump containers that often return empty
– Reduction of emissions and reduction in handling and transport practically to zero, due to the confinement of the product
– Increase in effective transport capacity of up to 10% compared to transport in flip-top and Dry containers, as it is a flexible and lightweight format. volume.

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MegaBag - Enaex
MegaBag - Enaex


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